About Me

Some of my story...

I'm a Web Developer specializing in productivity and marketing enhancement for small to medium size businesses.

Born and raised in the southern hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I grew up with the same work ethic I saw in the mechanics, rail-yard, and factory workers who made up my community: Roll up your sleeves, put your head down and get the job done right -- To this day it's how I approach any task or job, regardless of the size and scope of it.

About Scott Bannon What do you mean, no coffee?

Web Services

BanProNET (Bannon Productions Network)

Providing web services to individuals, business, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes since 2002.

From Lifestyle bloggers to Junior Achievement USA, we've proudly provided solutions and support to all of our clients; helping them to grow and succeed.

Software Development

Bannon Productions

I've developed multiple award winning Windows™ and Web based applications over the years.

Utilizing numerous languages and technologies I've created software to enhance Wordpress as well as desktop applications that were registered by over 50,000 end users.

Domain Investing

My working playground

I'm not a domainer in the usual sense, but more of a hybrid domain investor and web property developer.

That said, there are always more ideas than there is time or resources for bringing them to life, so at any given moment I have a small portfolio of unused premium domain names on hand, and likely a half-dozen or more with half-built personal projects sitting out there.