My Work

A few past projects to check out...

Content Caboodle
Content Caboodle

One of my domain investment projects that grew well beyond expectations. I had an idea in 2006 for a cross between an article publishing site and a multi-author blog; both of which were growing trends at the time.

By its 5th year there were almost 100,000 registered users and more than 30 paid content producers active with it.

Content Caboodle demanded more time then I'd anticipated so I sold it to a group who ran several other article publishing sites at the time.

JA of Western PA
Junior Achievement of Western PA

Perhaps the funnest and most rewarding project I've ever had the pleasure to work on.

Junior Achievement of Western Pennsylvania asked me to create a complete content structure and front end redesign for their website. It needed to promote their organizational mission and be easy for their office staff to edit and update on a daily basis.

From getting to play with a cork-board design base to working with an all around great group of people, I rarely have fun on a project like I did with this one.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Development

Small business clients always have large demands in WordPress Theme and Plugin Development.

For over 10 years I have yet to see a shortage of custom WordPress work available that can give a business some advantage.

From plugins that make it easy to curate and publish more content to building a custom integrated CRM (customer relationship manager) platform, I've learned to enjoy bending and twisting WordPress into submission for my clients.

w3IDE Desktop Web Developer App
Website Builder Desktop Application

An ambitious project in 2004 requiring five different programming languages to provide the functionality I wanted. w3IDE was a solid web-dev software for working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Perl.

Like popular coding IDE's of today it was project based, had embedded color tools, code debugging, and an integrated FTP client for easy publishing of your project to the web.

PC Utilities #62

Though created for a small group of my own clients, I released w3IDE as Shareware in late 2004. A few months later PC Utilities magazine included it in issue #62 and it soon had over 50,000 registered users.

Soon after the PC Utilities mention a Start-up purchased the software to re-brand as a cornerstone in their products catalog.

Custom Printing Product Builder

My very first business venture began offline. In the late 1990's I setup a small printing shop that did custom work in addition to creating my own line of PeppyWear branded tees, jackets, and hats.

I took PeppyWear online in January 2002 with the idea of making it easy for customers everywhere to upload their own images or designs which they could then scale and place as they wanted on the product (tees, jackets, hats, and mousepads) before finalizing their order.

This was my first step into web applications and services, and while it was a success for PeppyWear at the time it also took me into a whole new direction which led to the birth of BanProNET.

Despite launching BanProNET Web Services in the Summer of 2002 I held onto the PeppyWear brand--mostly for sentimental reasons--until 2011.